For the first time since its creation, Fireplace has 100% of all collectible cards implemented.

Did it really take that long? I could have gone the quicker route of focusing on collectible cards only, but Fireplace had the much more ambitious goal of implementing everything. Adventures, brawls, everything.

And it’s almost there, too! As of this moment, Fireplace has 1893 / 1945 cards implemented (97%). The few that remain are either unreleased Tavern Brawls or encounter-specific scripting which cannot be translated to something generic.

I want to thank all the folks over in the #hearthsim channel. Without all the helpfulness of the community, I would have abandoned long ago. A special shout out to @beheh for his contributions on Fireplace itself, and to @Patashu for creating the Hearthstone Science series that helped the community grow so much.

Big announcements to follow. Soon.

66 files changed, 2261 additions(+), 449 deletions(-)