Has it been that long? So many downloads!

18 month since I released the first version of HDT, back in May 2014.

Some of you may remember the left side of this image: firstrelease

In case you don’t: yes, that is what HDT used to look like! Crazy, huh? No importing, exporting, replays, literally six options! It’s still far from perfect, but I would say that’s a decent improvement. You can also find the original reddit post here.

And even before that, this is what I personally used to get to legend that month. Yes, that is the only reason I initially started this project ;). In case you care, I played zoo!

Fast forward one and a half years, I learned a ton about developing and releasing applications, got to know a lot of amazing people and HDT has more features than I can name or count from the top of my head. It has been an awesome experience and will probably only get better. I can’t wait.

Now to the reason that made me want to make this blog post:

We hit 300.000 downloads today! And that’s not total downloads but download for v0.13.3 only, which was released five weeks ago. That’s so crazy and so beyond what I imagined when starting this project.

A big thank you to all of you! And especially to everyone who donated, supports me on Patreon and helped out with the project! Seriously, thank you!

Merry Christmas to all of you!