Announcing HSReplay 1.0

I’m really excited to announce the release of HSReplay 1.0.

HSReplay is a specification for an XML-based format implementing Hearthstone replay files. It is inspired by the internal Hearthstone packets, closely following their structure, and can be generated by reading the Power.log file.

The HSReplay repository includes a reference implementation in Python which can read Power.log files and produce HSReplay output. Examples are available available on the HSReplay page.

In the near future, support for HSReplay files will be available on both Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

The format is licensed CC0, essentially placing it in the public domain. This makes it legally suitable for use in all applications, without any attribution.

As development is meant to be done in the open, we are inviting everyone else who wants to work on or with replay files to send us an email at <>. We will be happy integrate them and improve the spec further. Yes, Blizzard, this goes for you too. :)