HearthSim, LLC.

As of today, HearthSim is officially a company. Born from its community, the founders are @amw2104, @azeier, @beheh and myself.

There is so much I want to talk about. The community will still be there, stronger than ever. The company will back our commercial work and allow us to finance some of our projects.

Our current core project is HSReplay.net. I’ve wanted to talk about it for a long time now. Games played with Hearthstone Deck Tracker can automatically be uploaded to the website. Our Hearthstone Replayer, Joust, lets us display those games on the website, replay them from the beginning, seek through them, analyze them and more.

The large amount of games we are expecting to receive will allow for extremely advanced analysis of Hearthstone. How it’s played, how the meta evolves, what is and isn’t popular. HSReplay.net is open source (repository to be made available very soon), built on a Django stack. If you are interested in contributing, reach out directly on the Github issue tracker or in the #hearthsim IRC channel!

If you want to try out the HSReplay.net beta test, join #HSReplay on Freenode and download the HDT client from this page.