Sabberstone - Hearthstone Simulator

Sabberstone is a Hearthstone simulator, written in C# .Net Core.

Sabberstone is activly worked on. It has always focused in implementing card mechanics the way they are described in the Advanced Rulebook.

Sabberstone includes a declarative task system to implement card mechanics, which makes it managable to catch up on new expensions or adventures. The main goal of its development is to offer an easy way for AI developers and Hearthstone enthusiasts to play around with a simulator.

Sabberstone supports:

  • Game cloning
  • Calculating all available options
  • A declarative task system for card mechanics
  • Game tree search
  • Connecting to Stove

Implementation status (as of UNG):

  • 94% Standard set
  • 83% Wild sets
  • Hundreds of unit tests for cards and game mechanics

Sabberstone ships a builtin Kettle server, which lets it communicate with the real Hearthstone client through Stove, or play games with the Joust web interface.

Source code